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Re: WTB: 4K DOT Headlight (Rt)

Ken wrote:
> "Dupree, Jim" <dupree@alldata.com>
> >
> > A fellow worker here has had the great luck of catching a rock with the
> > right headlight on his 86 4k and is looking for a replacement unit. I
> > suggested he invest in a set of Euro light as he has complained about
> > the DOT light but his budget says "just fix what's broken".
> As far as brand new, the price is about the same or damn close when you
> find a good deal on the euro H4's.  Not the H1/H4's, the regular looking
> ones.
> Just something to keep in mind.
> Ken

I just got a set of Euro H4 and Igor Kessel installed them for me in my
87 Coupe GT after a deer accident. He did amaising and very professional 
job installing them and building / wiring a fuse box and a relay box
(rally quality). These lights are so much better.
   Mike Z