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Re: Warming up the Engine

Keep in mind you need to run the appropriate viscosity oil, and the
engine still warms up what's there and produces a more capable fluid
after a couple of minutes running, whence the oil has warmed a little
and begun to truly flow through the engine in a more viscous state,
rather than molasses. Your valves will appreciate this, and thank you
with their silence.

In 20-30 below I would also definitely advise running at least a partial
synth (on older engines which have lived long lives on dyno-oil) if not
full synth (prolly best used only on newer engines or engines where
synth has been used since new).  In air temps consitently above
freezing, dyno-oil (no synth) does a fine job (with regular 3k mile
change intervals).  My .02.  Fire away....

91 200q quiet valves, 166k miles, toys
86 5ktq quiet valves, 128k miles, fewer toys

Greg wrote>
>I've been reading SOME not all of the post on this subject.  One
thing comes to mind.  Everyone is referring to cold.  What is cold?
Seems to me that that is going to very alot.  Now, it is in the teens
in the morning and mid thirties after work.