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Re: 4kq battery relocation

Hey Ken, 

The point was not to install a crash sensitive battery disconnect if you
drive that way - though it doesn't matter, the "power locks" will still
unlock manually (but not more than two with the vacuum behind them!) 
And the windows won't roll down, a drag if you've just splashed into 30'
of water...

> > Don't use one, though, if one of your drivers is like my mother
> > - who used to drive around with the doors locked.
> Is there something wrong with that?  I thought it was better
> for the doors to be locked while driving.  It's supposed to
> help keep the doors from flying open in an accident.  Not to
> mention carjacking and kidnapping.
> Should I change my ways?
> Ken

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe