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Re: lights (about shape, not quality)

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From: Rob Winchell <rbw@avs.com>
To: Quattro <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Thursday, December 18, 1997 6:42 PM
Subject: lights (about shape, not quality)

>Q -
>Which cars have the short, wide rectangular lights? I know the 200 series
do, but it seems I have seen pictures of 5k models with those lights. I
thought all the 5k series had the big rectangle lights? Are they
>Rob Winchell
>91 200Q (with a bad tranny)
>87 4kCS


    The 5K turbo models had the "aero" (for aerodynamic, I presume) lights
and the non-turbo models had the large rectangular lights. You can probably
interchange them if you don't mind changing the grille, trim & headlight
pots, but I have never investigated this. From my personal experience the
lighting ability of the aero lights is pathetic at best; I think the larger
lights actually have better performance.

Fred Munro