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Re: 4ksq roll cage

Ron Wood wrote:
> Contrary to a previous posting, bolt in cages are legal for Pro-Rally.
> The SCCA rule book details all mounting & attachment requirements. All
> of the Safety-Devices cages I have seen are FIA approved & therefore
> acceptable. A properly designed bolt in cage could be more than adequate
> for most rallying, however, I have not seen a S-D coupe cage.
> Ron Wood (National Pro-Rally scrutineer)
> 82 UrQuattro
> 84 4K Quattro
> 85 4K Quattro
> 87.5 Coupe GT
> 8? A1 rally Quattro

I was comenting on SD cage in 4KQ that failed before my eyes in 1997 
Rules clearly require gassets which it didn't have. The old Saab
of Rob Walden an Sam Bryant also had SD cage that was havily modifyed and 
actually appeared safe to me ( I am not a cage authority but I have 
loocked at work of top private English preparers like Bill Guinn, Dom 
Buckley, RED as well as my best construction advisor Toyoa Team Europe). 
They barely passed tech at 1995 STPR (last year they ran it).
Much of cage construction in this contry scares me. Low level British 
national enteries are state of art compared to all but top 10 cars in 
North America. Most of we create is their design of prior years.
There is may be 4 or 5 shops in this country that even bother to keep 
track of new stuff and concepts.
Mike Z