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Re: gas mileage

doug bergh wrote:
> I have a '97 A6 Quattro wagon that I bought new just about a year ago.
> Its EPA mileage estimates were 20mpg city, 26 highway.
> I get between 16 and 19, with about an even mix of city and highway
> driving.
> Anyone else have a similar problem?

This is not the best place to be asking about people with "less than
estimated milage." ;-) 3.7 bar boost, 465-25-21 tires, etc. =8~O

> The dealer checked it and said everything was fine, they couldn't do
> anything about it.
> Any suggestions?  I drive very conservatively and have switched from
> medium to high-octane gas to try to improve the mileage..

Unless you're knocking due to poor gas and your ECU is then pulling
timing, this will actually hurt your mileage. The higher the octane, the
lower the energy content (Btu/gal or Joule/liter). This translates into
lower mileage.