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Re: help quick!

Sysko, Dustin wrote:
> Some kid ran into my 85 4ksq recently, and the insurance agency is up to
> something fishy, methinks. The body shop says that the damage is about
> $2200 US, but the ins. company wants to total it, saying that that is
> more than the car is worth. It _is_ a quattro, and has only 76000 miles,
> and is in great shape. Does anybody have quick access to the U.S.
> bluebook value of my car? I could really use the list's collective help
> ASAP. Thank you very much in advance!

Sorry to hear this, Dustin.

1. Edmunds goes only as far as 1987.

2. Kelly Blue Book trade in value:
Good condition - $1450 
Excellent condition - $1675

I assumed that your car had PW, PL, SR, Cruise and I used my own ZIP
Also keep in mind that the trade-in value represents the wholesale
price. For the insurance reimbursement purposes you need the residual
value of your car, which will be somewhat higher.

3. Nada page does not provide the on-line service. They offer to buy
their book instead.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ -- 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ -- in the port of Boston
Philadelphia, PA