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Re: help quick!

> > Some kid ran into my 85 4ksq recently, and the insurance agency is up to
> > something fishy, methinks. The body shop says that the damage is about
> > $2200 US, but the ins. company wants to total it, saying that that is
> > more than the car is worth. It _is_ a quattro, and has only 76000 miles,
> > and is in great shape. Does anybody have quick access to the U.S.
> > bluebook value of my car? I could really use the list's collective help
> > ASAP. Thank you very much in advance!

> 2. Kelly Blue Book trade in value:
> Good condition - $1450 
> Excellent condition - $1675
> I assumed that your car had PW, PL, SR, Cruise and I used my own ZIP
> (19115).
> Also keep in mind that the trade-in value represents the wholesale
> price. For the insurance reimbursement purposes you need the residual
> value of your car, which will be somewhat higher.

I did the same, but then I checked their retail price for the vehicle
(Ie if bought from a dealer).  It was well over $3000 and I believe this
is what the insurance company would need to go by, since it is the
replacement cost.

Bruno Walter