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UrQ Brakes, G60s & bleeding/air ???????????

Before I get to my Quat troubles, let me say a couple of things,

I have not posted to the list for a while so hello everyone, and
could you please respond to "tuc@hcp.net".  I am currently not subscribed to the list due to holiday travels.

I just put a set of Girling 60 calipers on the front of my 83 UrQ, and using a pressure bleeder I can not get a firm peddle or all the air out of the system.  I bleed the brake at least 5 times now.  I'm stumped!  Here's what I've done so far.

The brake improvements on upgrade have been stainless steal line on all 4 corners, new stock rotors on the rear, Brembro cross drilled rotors on front, G60 calipers up front, ATE super blue fluid, and Ferdo pads all the way around.  During the installation of the last front caliper, I let the resivour run dry.

Filling the pressure bleeder reservoir Super Blue and hooking it up to the resivour, (at reservoir) I bleed each corner (starting at the rr, lr, rf, lf, master cylinder, and then proportion value) until I saw blue fluid and no air.  I then pumped the brakes several time, 50ish, and rebled the brakes.  More air came out of the rears and master cylinder.  The pedal felt firm.  I took the car around the block and half way around the pedal became very soft.  Ok more air I thought.  Back to the garage for another pressure bleed.  More air came out of the rear calipers and master cylinder.  For the first pump the pedal was hard and then become soft.  I then pumped the pedal at least 150 times and rebled.  Again, more air out of the rears and master cylinder.  Again the pedal became soft after the first pump.

What gives?  Any of you quattro gurus have any ideas of what's going on?  Time for a master cylinder rebuild or are these cars just stubborn?

TIA for any help