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SCCA Legal Roll Cages

>Contrary to a previous posting, bolt in cages are legal for Pro-Rally.
>The SCCA rule book details all mounting & attachment requirements. All 
>of the Safety-Devices cages I have seen are FIA approved & therefore
>acceptable. A properly designed bolt in cage could be more than adequate
>for most rallying, however, I have not seen a S-D coupe cage.
>Ron Wood (National Pro-Rally scrutineer)
>82 UrQuattro
>84 4K Quattro
>85 4K Quattro
>87.5 Coupe GT
>8? A1 rally Quattro

Not to criticize you Ron... You have raced in a few more rallies than I.

Don't forget the corner gussets- unless Safety Devices started putting
them on all their cages, which I doubt.  A few years back they added the
requirement of corner gussets for the a-pilliar/roof/windshield joint of
the cage.  You also have to have a horizontal bar behind the seat if you
are using the stock Audi seats.  This is to support the seat back on a
two piece seat in the event of a seat failure- and also is not included
on a Safety Devices cage.

Bottom line- if you buy a bolt in, you will be modifying it in some
way.  It still might be easier and cheaper than having an entire cage
fabricated.  Or you might end up like me and have a project that never
gets finished...

80 Rabbit Conv. (sleeping)
83 RallyJetta (never ending project)
84 RallyRabbitGTI (bought because I couldn't finish above)
84 4K Quattro (street car- Hey, It's Minnesota!)

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