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Rear deck lid emblems

Back in October, there was a running thread about removing rear deck
emblems. It was kind of depressing to me to note that so many Audi
owners would want to remove these "marques of pride".

But the 1980s Audi rear deck emblems don't weather well, do they?
The brushed aluminum coating/effect seems to leach off. So, I ordered
a set of new emblems for about $25 each (Audi, 5000, CS, quattro),
only to find that the original 1980s-type emblems have been 
superceded by the all-chrome types used beginning with the 1988
model year.

What a drag that I can't make this thing look original again. So for 
now, my trunk lid is emblemless.

What I wanted to ask was: those of you who removed the emblems,
did you do it because the old ones were worn and nasty looking,
or do you actuall prefer the lid sans emblems? 

Have any of you tried painting the emblems body-color, with a touch
of black to give a drop-shadow effect? 

I'm not sure what I'll do; I may have a brand-new set of the 
chrome-type emblms for sale (all new except the 5000 emblem, 
which I took from an '88 at the boneyard).

-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman      (dougq@iglou.com)
"The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away."  -Tom Waits