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Re: Oil in air intake

> Gerard,
> Check out this website:
> http://www.intendedacceleration.com/html/tip7.htm
> It talks about a leaky rear main seal which may possibly be
> causing your whistle. HTH!


Thanks. I will do that test this  afternoon. Only thing is that
according to the test the whistle has to be audible  when  pulling
the dipstick. This is not the case here. The whistle pops up only
when moving. At idle there is noise  from  the lifters (but from
some of the latest posts I am attributing that to my synth oil) and
some "scratch" from the alternator, but no whistle happening. From
within the car at idle there is a bit of a rumble, things will
die and come alive again, and it clearly audible above the engine
noise with all the windows shut. I should actually record that I
post it on my site so helpful listers can help judge the origin of
it. But, anyway, the whistle doesn't go at idle, only when moving
and then between 60 and 80 kph it will start its thing.

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