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Re: Dealers and why they suck

Craig, you have some very valid points.  I still haven't called to make an
appt. for the recall.  I'm afraid I will get my car back with some blown
bulbs, loosened trim, or whatever else you can imagine. And if they try to
fix it, something else will be busted.  My audi mech.
friend says that some part of the center console must come out to reach
the airbag control unit or relay.  Maybe I will go early next year when
these mechanics have more experience doing the recall work....yeah right.

Rich Romero
90 V8Q
86 5KS

On Thu, 18 Dec 1997, AudiJeep wrote:

> Fellow listers,
> I had my car in to my local Audi dealer (Sewickley Porsche/Audi in Pittsburgh)
> to have the airbag recall done to it this week. Went to pick up the car
> tonight after hours, and what do I see? A large paint chip taken out of my
> driver's side door right above the handle. So I had to leave the car there
> again for another day. Looks like this is going to be a nasty visit to the
> dealer tomorrow to bitch them out for a tube of free touch-up paint and
> finally pick the car up. It just really pisses me off when these idiots at the
> dealers do shit like this. And do you think they would mention this to me on
> the phone when I called to see if it was done? 
> Craig
> '92 100S (68k)