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Re: Reference on AVS in WA

In a message dated 97-12-18 18:34:10 EST, brandon@cardinalventures.com writes:

<< Has anyone used AVS (Audi-VW Specialists?) somewhere south of Seattle?  I
got referred to them circuitously.  I spoke just now with "Max" who claimed to
have significant experience with 20valve turbo transplants.  Based on my
current rate of non-progress on my CQ/3B conversion, I'm tempted by the
prospect of outsourcing a chunk of the work if I felt I could trust the
shop...  I'd appreciate any insights; reply privately if need be.
 Brandon Hull
 '91 CQ
I may be the circuitous source for AVS. I would agree with all that has been
posted about Max although I don't have Orin's BTDT experience with him as a
dinner companion. The flames must have been disconcerting at the table. In his
defense Max has delivered the parts that I have ordered from him, but it has
taken more than the usual prodding on occasion. There are much better sources
for advice on this list than Max, but keep your BS meter running at all times.