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Neon Lights and Flames

     Maybe we should ask Max at AVS for his thoughts on Ceramic coatings?
     To all qlisters have a Great Christmas and a safe New Year!
     Thanks in particular to:-
     Ben Howell, Dave Lawson, Martin Pajak, Dan Simoes, Dave Head, DeWitt 
     Harrisson, Scott Mockry, Jeff (audidudi), Phil Payne, Ian Haseltine, 
     Orin Eman, John Karasaki, Dave Eaton (Congratulations! BTW), Steve 
     Buchholz and the many other qlisters who have helped keep my cars 
     running through '97.
     Regards, Mike
     p.s. Anyone back in the UK want to pay Andrew Everett of Audi/VW a 
     visit? If he likes ur-qs so little why doesn't he get a transfer to 
     WMB M-Power? I know the early ur-qs have their "quirks" but the 
     article in the December edition of Audi/VW is a little out of order. A 
     number of magazines accept the ur-q as the '80s car of the decade...