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Re: Dealers and why they suck

All these nast experiences, chipped paint, greasy hand marks, etc. are all
among the reasons I will never again buy a new car. Of course the # 1 reason
is depreceation and I flatly can't afford the kinds of cars I want new

Having bought two Audi's new and one almost new in the past though I once
shared in these experiences. "Audi Advantage" ain't worth squat if every time
you take your car in for something seemingly simple it comes back with a raft
of new issues, cosmetic and worse. My automotive blood pressure levels are
MUCH lower dealing with the known problems of a high miles Audi...yes, it gets
expensive at times but I am not paying out multi-hundred $ car payments for
the privalege of being screwed. Overall I am much happier with the four high-
miles used Audis I have owned than any new one for this very reason. As has
been pointed out, it is a sad state of affairs that dealer service (for all
cars from what I can tell...) is what it is, especialy for the labor prices
they charge.

I apologize in advance to all here who make their living as techs for
dealerships. I know many of you must be quite good at what you do and take
pride in your work. I know as an electronic service tech I do yet I'm sure I
haven't pleased every customer I have served in the past 20 years. We are all
human, but the mistakes I have seen in my own cars, hear about here, and from
friends with other brands of cars are inexcusable. Because of this no matter
how much money I may have, all car companies have lost my business forever WRT
new car purchases. (AOA are you eavesdropping??? hint hint...) As has been
pointed out it's not the individual tech's fault so much as it is the
management and systems in the service industry at large.

Rant mode off...it's just sad to keep hearing these horror stories as I too
have experienced them and it still rankles me. Happy Holidays all...

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq 
(maintained by owner...no one to blame for lousy work but myself...but **it
happens. ;-)...)