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Rear deck lid emblems

I always remove the emblems from my cars because:

1) I like the clean shaven look, (kinda stealthy)
2) it makes for a much easier time when washing / drying / waxing / 
3) in the case of the S4 vs 100 (as well as many MB's, 600 vs 500, etc.), 
other people do not need to know how much I spent / did not spend on a car. 
However, that being said, the cognoscenti will still be able to pick out 
subtly flared front fenders as well as white gauges, etc, (catch my four 
wheel drift?).
4) I am vehemently opposed to sticking anything to the surface of my 
vehicles paint (even if it is done by the factory). Oh, and do not even get 
my started about dealerships that affix stickers and badges touting 
themselves, I FRIGGING hate that!
5) finally, a good deal of the emblemage [sic] is pretty superfluous: fuel 
injection (really?), turbo, quattro (heresy), sport, yada, yada, yada.

Accordingly, one reason, I can not stand the BMW Z3 is because, I think, it 
has something like 13 emblems around its perimeter.

Counterpoint: I did remove the S4 emblem from the front grill, but I think I 
will put it back on. I know this goes against my points above, but it is 
pretty subtle, besides most people will only ever see the car's tail lights 
anyway. I am also considering a completely bare extruded aluminum look grill 
a la the Wheel Power Inc., A4, I think those look pretty tough.

Finally I am contemplating a personalized CO state plate with either the 
letter S or SSSS. Once again only those "in the know," would understand the 
allusion, while the rest of the automotive illiterate masses will just 
wonder why I have ssss on my license plate.

          Just my opinion, but what the hell,

P.S.: Now if you want to talk race / track car that is a different story. 
Several years back there was a 911 Turbo race car called "spot," that had a 
multi colored polka dot paint scheme, now there is a car I would love to 
drive on the street! Absolutely zero subtlety there. Definitely not for the 

Back in October, there was a running thread about removing rear deck
emblems. It was kind of depressing to me to note that so many Audi
owners would want to remove these "marques of pride".

{nip & tuck}.

What I wanted to ask was: those of you who removed the emblems,
did you do it because the old ones were worn and nasty looking,
or do you actuall prefer the lid sans emblems?

 - -Douglas Hurst Quebbeman      (dougq@iglou.com)
"The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away."  -Tom Waits