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Neon Lights and Flames

In message <9711198825.AA882563047@genchip.uunet.ca> "Mike Hopton" writes:

> p.s. Anyone back in the UK want to pay Andrew Everett of Audi/VW a 
>      visit? If he likes ur-qs so little why doesn't he get a transfer to 
>      WMB M-Power? I know the early ur-qs have their "quirks" but the 
>      article in the December edition of Audi/VW is a little out of order. A 
>      number of magazines accept the ur-q as the '80s car of the decade...

I have no problem with it.  He test-drove a very early car (one of the very
first, before US imports started) and several club members have told me that it 
is in remarkably poor condition.  Its present owner has been trying to sell it 
for some time, and did himself no favours.
As for the rest - well, a 1988 MB is a different beast from a 1981 WR.  _I_ 
know the truth - and the more potential car thieves that believe Mr Everett, 
the better.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club