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Re: Tires causing torque-steer

It's been almost nine yearrs since university, but I would contradict.  The
unqual diameter may help when halfshafts are running at static height, ie.
the angles through the CV joint/driveshaft are apprx. 90 deg.  Once the
suspension compresses/rebounds, the drive angles on left/right are not
equal due to unequal length.  This is why god keeps Audis engines
north-south oriented (except for the A3 and the unforgettable 50).  There
is a solution to this.  Spring/shocks/anti-roll bars to make it ride like a
Birel go-kart.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland
97 A4 1.8T quattro - fair torque - steers in the snow
89 911 3.2 Carrera - torque steer in the rear ???
93 Birel 100cc, no torque - no torque steer - 100mph lunacy
> From: frankbauer@thevine.net
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> Subject: Re: Tires causing torque-steer
> Date: 19. joulukuuta 1997 10:34
> wolff sez:
> >Don't Scirrocos/wabbits/Golfs/Passats always have torque steer due to
> >the unequal length half shafts?
> no.
> the halfshafts are also unequal diameter to negate the effects of
> unequal length.
> frank
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