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Odd request for D.C., MD, VA. DE, W. VA and PA listers

Hello listers:  This is by far the oddest post I've ever done, but here 
it goes:  I'm looking to swap out a black leather sport seat from my '89 
200 quattro.  I need a similar seat from a late production (after May 
'89) 200, years late '89, 90 or '91.  I stand 6'9", and needless to say, 
headroom is at a premium.  Starting in May, '89,  Audi started putting in 
sport seats with frames that are 12mm lower than the seat frame in my 
car.  My seat looks very good, has a working seat heater, but the side 
bolster on the left side sits out to the left a bit (big butt in a sport 
seat-not mine BTW!!).  Anyway, 12mm is like 12m to me, as I take my leg 
and headroom wherever I can get it!  I am willing to do a straight swap, 
but will through in some cash to make it worth your while.  I live in 
Maryland, but would be willing to drive within a 150 mile radius.

P.S.- Anyone know how to make the seat o back just a bit further???????

longing for an S4/6 so I can enjoy life with head and leg room!!