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Re: Neon Lights and Flames

 # As for the rest - well, a 1988 MB is a different beast from a 1981 WR.  _I_ 
 # know the truth - and the more potential car thieves that believe Mr Everett, 
 # the better.
... unfortunately I really doubt that Mr. Everett's opinion makes any 
difference to the guy that is looking to rip off your car.  His business 
is demand driven ... if noone ever needed a part for a 1988 MB then you'd 
have little to fret over.  Fortunately for me my tastes are different 
than the norm, so the fact that I own a 1983 urq or a 1992 k1 doen't cause 
me to lose any sleep.  Amazingly enough, the item that causes the most 
risk is the damned stereo!  

I saw an investigative piece on car theft in the US the other day ... it 
sounds like some cars are being shipped whole to places where stealing 
autos (or at least driving stolen ones) is not considered to be that bad ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)