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Re: Warming up the Engine, OE+ filters

Hi Brett;

    Thanks for the interesting info you have provided. Aircraft engines are
air-cooled, however, and I imagine the engine heaters heat the oil, which
could release moisture and acidic combustion byproducts.
    Auto engine heaters (the good ones, anyway) heat the coolant and should
not result in moisture and corrosion problems. The engine doesn't actually
get that warm, at least not at the temperatures I use my heater (<-30).
    Given the choice between an engine heater and starting my engine at -40,
I think I'll take the engine heater. The engine wear on initial start at
these temperatures can be high (if it does start, that is). Three years ago
we had a spell of winter where the daytime high didn't get above -30 for 6
weeks, and I blessed my engine heater daily.

                Merry Christmas!

Fred Munro
91 200q  240+k
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From: Brett Dikeman <brett@arthur.malebolge.com>
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Date: Friday, December 19, 1997 3:46 PM
Subject: Re: Warming up the Engine, OE+ filters

>one piece of advice: avoid engine heaters(ie, the ones you plug in
>overnight) like the plauge.
>Why?  Ask any pilot of a piston aircraft that's used engine heaters.
>They'll tell you that the heat causes moisture from combustion to come out
>and munch on your cam shafts and stuff.  Causes lots of wear and tear.
>They noticed this because all piston aircraft engines are rated with a
>TBO(Time Between Overhaul) in hours; once you reach that time, the engine
>is stripped down almost completely, and each part inspected.  People with
>engine heaters noticed aggrivated corrosion; rust would form, and then the
>rust would cause additional wear when the engine was started(not to mention
>gumming up the oil filter.)  Car people probably never notice this because
>your cam shaft never comes out(racers, obsessive auto people, etc.
>excluded) into daylight.  Let's face it; even at 60k, your dealer certainly
>doesn't take apart the engine.
>On the other hand, car engines work on average at 10-20% of their power;
>aircraft engines run at 90% or more.
>One interesting thing that I found: OE+ filters.  They're about $4(twice as
>much as a generic, but hey, it's $4) and it has two check valves at each
>end of the filter and an additional bypass valve(for if the filter gets
>clogged, oil still flows.)  Any experiences?  Good/bad?  Car seems happy.
>Brett Dikeman
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