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Re: EGT Turbo Gauges,


I don't know which Audi 10V turbos you were referring to,
but there are some ignition and fuel changes that can be
done on the '82-85 ur-Q, on the '86-88 5000TQ and on the
'89-90 200TQ cars with the CIS fuel injection. 

The MAC-02, MAC-10, MAC-11, MAC-14 ECU EPROM program data
can be easily changed to alter the timing maps and to alter
the frequency valve duty cycle maps that will most
definitely change the A/F ratio and the running  behavior
of the engine. The boost maps that control the behavior of
the frequency valve operation can also be altered. The
boost map that alters the actual turbo boost using the
Waste Gate frequency valve is also easily altered. (it does
have a limited control range though) A stiffer WG spring
helps here....

It is true that as you continue to increase the air flow
through the engine, with more boost etc, at some point you
will max out or top out the air flow plate travel on the
stock CIS system. If you have played with the warm up
regulator and lowered the control pressure then the air
flow plate should top out at a lower air flow. At this
point if you have already maxed out the frequency duty
cycle settings or played games with the pressure in the
lower chamber then you would need to go with a different
CIS air flow meter and fuel distributor to get more fuel
into the engine.  Adapting an air flow meter and fuel
distributor from another make car would not be a trivial
exercise but I would imagine that it can be done assuming
you have some equipment do some testing of the A/F ratio to
guide your progress. It is my understanding there are  a
few people out there who have done this already or are
working on some mods. 


Scott Mo.

> From: Mike Zamikhovsky <MikeZ755@sprintmail.com>
>  The sad point in EGT setup for our beloved cars is that
the data that we 
> get is only academic. We can't easely readjust our fule
and ignition 
> systemst to compensate for lean mixture. Yes some of us
modify and 
> upgrade fule destributors and wormup regulators but we
still don't get 
> accurate performance. I once saw 10V Turbo using MB 8
cylinder fule 
> destributor. It ran rich at idle. There is no win with
CIS. Installing it 
> and learning to interprite info is good experence.
> Mike Z