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Re: differences between 86-88 5ktq's?

At 10:24 PM 12/19/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi people,
>My search for a 5ktq will probably hit high gear next month.  I was screwed
>out of an absolutely killer deal last month and my patience is starting to
>wear thin, so I will probably end up forking out the going price for these
>things. (besides, my financial aid will be in - heh heh....I'll pay it back
>My question is - other than the dashboard and the trunk lid, are there any
>differences that I am unaware of that distinguish the 86, 87 & 88 5ktq's ?
>Especially ones that might pertain to performing the usual mods to kick up
>the HP??

Not really...  89 was the big change (interior, door handles), mid 89 for
the K24 change. 90 made the airbag standard. An early 89 is the hot ticket
IMHO - Upgraded interior, oil pressure guage, flush door handles, K-26, no
airbag so it's easy to fit a MOMO. No high premium like a 91, old enough the
price is dropping ...

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