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RE: Low clutch pedal

Check the service bulletin about this problem.   It tells you to take out 
either the engine or the transmission and lubricate the input shaft spline 
to the transmission.


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Subject:	Low clutch pedal

How much "travel" should there be when pushing on the pedal, before the
clutch engages/disengages? The QSW seems to have a low clutch pedal
(i.e. it engages about halfway down... or is that halfway up??

Is this normal? If not, what should I consider? Do I need a new clutch
master cylinder? Do I need a new clutch? Does the existing clutch need
adjustment (if that's possible... forgive my ignorance, I've been
driving slushboxes my whole life!!).

FWIW, a new slave cylinder was installed a little while ago, and the
system was bled (i.e. cross those two possibilites off the list). When
it was installed, it did seem to bring the pedal up a little bit (yes,
it was slightly worse than it is now).

As always, your thoughts, suggestions, BTDTs, hints, tips, tricks,
etc.... are appreciated.

Happy Holidays to all!!

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