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Re: Low clutch pedal

Jim Griffin wrote:
> How much "travel" should there be when pushing on the pedal, before the
> clutch engages/disengages? The QSW seems to have a low clutch pedal
> (i.e. it engages about halfway down... or is that halfway up??
> Whatever...).
> Is this normal? If not, what should I consider? Do I need a new clutch
> master cylinder? Do I need a new clutch?

May have some good news for you.

Check out the pivot point for the pedal at the "clevis pin".  I was
thinking the same thoughts re: master cyl, but turned out to only
require some "repair" to this hole, which was elongated.

Need only figure out some kind of spacer to put in the elongated hole,
then reassemble.  HUGE DIFFERENCE!!

Good Luck!

Derek Daily
86 VW Qtm Syncro
(w/ clutch pedal fix and re-cored RAD...yipeee!)
90 Coupe Quattro...sigh...always wanted one..paid too much...but it sure
do look pretty