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re: Ned's Threads

G'day, Amigos!

Salubrious Solstice Seasonal Salutations, and all that to you all, and to
Ned, especially.  And you too, Mike and Paul; thanks for the timely note.

Now I've never met Ned either, but in the 4 or 5 years I've been hanging
around on this list, I've learned two things: that Ned is viewed as a a
demi-god in the Audi Pantheon, and I need to get a life...  but I digress...

Ned Ritchie commands respect and admiration unparalled on this list, and in
all the (considerable) bandwidth I've seen flit across my screen, not a
single byte of it has contained a scintilla of a suggestion that this
stature might be undeserved.  That's pretty impressive, in yer kindly ol'
Unka Bart's book.

For what it's worth, my own predeliciton is not associated with one marque
exclusively. I love high performance tools in their diverse incarnations,
Quattros especially, but far from exclusively.  For several years, ever
since I gave up two-wheeled toys, the tool for getting down the asphalt
that puts the brightest gleem in these old eyes has the engine in the other
end, but it would be truly lonesome in my garage if it didn't have a
four-ringed Kamarad with AWD to bunk with.

That said, when I had to cut down on the volume of incomming email in order
to make some feeble attempt at addressing that second thing I learned here,
*this* list is the only motorhead list that I did *not* let fall by the

And if you're listening, Ned, in the world of that other Deutsche Marque
there's a guy with a similar reputation and regard to your own.  His name
is Bruce Anderson.  I don't think he's more highly regarded by afficianados
of air-cooled pushers that you are by Qheads.  If you know the name, no
more need, or even *could* be said to make my point.

I echo every those sentiments expressed by Mike and Paul, and hope you'll
discover the "Delete" key as a preferable alternative to unsubscribing.

But allow the old soldier to disagree about the bit about the flame wars.
The reason I love this list is the commaraderie, and that includes the
occasional flame war.  Well written flames are delicious, often the most
interesting reading on the list.  I confess that I haven't seen one
recently, but being the incurable optimist, one continues to hope...and
there's always the "D" key for the others...God knows some of us get enough
practice just on threads like the various snake-oil threads that always
reappear every three months or so...

My suggestion on that front would be to keep 'em a bit briefer.  And wittier.

Did I mention Briefer...?  Or that taking secondary shots off-list would be
a splendid idea in any event, but especially if you can't make them *witty*?

After all, if you can't say it with wit and good grace, why bother?
Crankiness, unleavened by wit, is quintessiential boorishness.  Most of us
non-participants find a immutable link between wit and interest, one
lacking entirely in mere crankiness. (hint, hint...)

So Ned, please hang around, even if it means practicing with the "D" key.

Merry whatever, folkx, yer kindly ol' Unka Bart loves ya!