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Re: Was the Audi 50 ever sold in Canada?

"David Marshall (quattro mailing list)" <david@volkswagen.org> wrote:

>I'm looking for a late 70s Audi 50 (VW Polo MK1) for a restoration project.
> Did Audi ever sell these cars in North America or is the Audi Fox / Audi
>100 the smallest that was sold?  What was the first year of CIS injection
>for these cars?  How interchangeable are Audi 50 / 100 parts with
>Volkswagen's Rabbit and Scirocco?

To my knowledge, the Audi 50 was never sold outside Europe. As it wasn't a
huge success here in the first place (the 99% identical but cheaper Polo
outsold it by about 100 to 1) I'd guess you'll have a hard time finding
one... the last time I saw one here was at an Audi Club meet a year and a
half ago.
Contemporary tests say it's OK, but no more than that. Love the obvious
fake wood on the GLS's dash- not.

You'll find that some mechanical parts of the base-spec VW Golf of the same
era will fit the Polo/Audi 50, but I guess not a lot of Scirocco parts will
fit. We didn't get any 1093cc Sciroccos (thank God!) and most Audi 50s had
either that or the 895cc rocket. In later years a 1292cc version joined the
fold, which should have made it go well (the same engine in my 1980 Jetta
got it up to 100 mph even without aerodynamics).

Come to think of it, there aren't even any Mk1 Polos left in the scrapyards
here. Still plenty of late 70s- early 80s Golfs on the roads, though.

Thanks for providing this fun reason to leaf through the 70s car yearbooks
again. Hadn't done that for some time... anyone want a 1.3 Passat? ;-)


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