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Audi 5000 Quattro

I have been silently watching this list for some time now.  I have always wanted to buy a 5000 and am now looking for your help.
I would like to find a good 1984-88 5000.  Preferably Quattro.  European Car will be doing a "Super Buy" article on the Audi 5000/200 Quattro in the future and it should be helpful, but I need a car shortly.
What should I be looking for?  Which items break and should have been replaced?  What should I shy away from?  I don't think much of the Gray and Silver colours.  What is your idea of a good (read different) colour?  Does anyone know the sales figures for the various models? I live in Ontario, Canada and I have the registration figures for 1987 - 1996.  Looks like the 5000S was the most popular in 1987 (712).  There were 140, 1987, Quattros' registered in 1996.  I think it would be good to purchase a popular model, when looking for parts.  Any information is appreciated.
Thanks for your help and Have a Good Day!