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Re: A6 vs 528i (was apples and oranges)

The problem with comparing the A6 with the 528i from a performance only
standpoint is that there is no comparison here in the US.  The A6 gets
blown away.  Audi needs to offer a manual gearbox in the A6 and in the A8
to compete against BMW in the enthusiast market.  They also need sportier
(read stiffer) suspensions available.  I agree that in the luxury market
the A6/A8 compete very nicely with the 5/7 BMWs when price is taken into
consideration.  Add Quattro and the gap widens in Audi's favor but for the
performance minded driver the BMW is still the only choice.

I recently purchased two A4s.  A 1.8TQ and a 2.8 AvantQ tip.  I chose these
over the 323/328 BMWs for the following reasons:
1. Quattro (I live in the northeast)
2. Value for the money
3. Quattro
4. Availability of a wagon
5. Quattro
6. Sharp looks
7. Newer design (3 series BMW has been out since '91)
8. Did I mention Quattro?

I love the A4 but there are places where it just can't compete with the 3
series.  The "normal" suspension on the Avant is too soft and it leans like
crazy.  Both cars are slower than their BMW counterparts.  The front weight
bias of the Audis gives a predominant understeer when pushing hard in
corners.  The steering in the A4 is light and on-center feel is numb.
The Audis suit me fine as everyday "fun" transport but give me a DRY
winding road and no police and I'll grab the 323/328 for kicks.

///Gary Bossert