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Re: Rear deck lid emblems

> On Fri, 19 Dec 1997, Douglas Hurst Quebbeman wrote:
> > Back in October, there was a running thread about removing rear deck
> > emblems. It was kind of depressing to me to note that so many Audi
> > owners would want to remove these "marques of pride".
> Then you've never seen what they look like after 11 yrs in the AZ sun...

True! I spent a month in Phoenix; how do y'all stand having to
squint all the time?    :-)

> > But the 1980s Audi rear deck emblems don't weather well, do they?
> > The brushed aluminum coating/effect seems to leach off. So, I ordered
> > a set of new emblems for about $25 each (Audi, 5000, CS, quattro),
> > only to find that the original 1980s-type emblems have been 
> > superceded by the all-chrome types used beginning with the 1988
> > model year.
> So no badges are available for 4k or GT, then?

A few years ago, badges were available for the Coupe GT, because
I replaced mine. All I can say is check with your dealer. But what
I was saying above was that I didn't think they ever made a 4000
emblem in the all-chromed plastic, only in the black plastic with
the brushed aluminum surface effect.

> > What I wanted to ask was: those of you who removed the emblems,
> > did you do it because the old ones were worn and nasty looking,
> > or do you actuall prefer the lid sans emblems? 
> When mine turned black and dingy, I painted them silver. Taste police, I
> know, but really it is a better effect than the faded look. 

Well, to each their own, but I think I would remove them first.

> > Have any of you tried painting the emblems body-color, with a touch
> > of black to give a drop-shadow effect? 
> > 
> > I'm not sure what I'll do; I may have a brand-new set of the 
> > chrome-type emblms for sale (all new except the 5000 emblem, 
> > which I took from an '88 at the boneyard).
> Well, you -could- have a little fun with those- Audi A5, anyone? ;)
> After the "CS" fell off, thanks to Christian Long, mine became a 5000GT.
> No Turbo badge did it ever have. At least my badge games are more truthful
> than the '84 5000s "quattro" running around town...

Well, it's got four wheels, I guess that what's the owner must have
been thinking!
-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman      (dougq@iglou.com)
"The large print giveth, and the small print taketh away."  -Tom Waits