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Audi 100 (1991) ignition/steering lock

Failure of the ignition switch led me to buying a replacement only to find
that the pin of the the actual lock has sheared.
I have found mention on the Archives that broken steering lock pins may have
been subject of Audi recall, but even if so, doubt whether UK Audi will do
anything about it on a six year old car.
My Haynes manual is almost useless re getting at the steering lock assembly
on post 1989 Audi 100's, where the whole of the dash and I think the lock
arrangements have been modified and not documented fully in the Revisions
section at the back.
Can anyone outline the procedure for replacing this steering lock barrel -
the Haynes gives the location co-ordinates necessary to drill the lock
housing on the pre-89 arrangement but says nothing about mine. Can I get the
barrel out without removing the steering lock itself ?
I already have the instrument housing, steering wheel and parcel shelf
removed, and the lock housing is visible but inaccessible without further
Any BTDTs would be *very* much appreciated. Audi Gods are being very, very
unkind to me of late.


Cumbria, UK.