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What broke?

     Last night I was driving home when the engine quit.  There was a little
bit of clatter, then no power.  Car was in 5th at about 60 mph.  No big bangs,
the car just lost power suddenly.
     After I pulled to the side of the road I tried to restart it.  The
starter would turn the engine, but there was no compression.  Trailered the
car home, assuming a broken timing belt.  Which seemed odd because the belt is
only about 30K miles old.
     Just found out the timing belt is fine.  The cam turns and operates the
valves, the crank works (pistons move up & down), the distributor turns.  I
loosened the timing belt and put everything in time, even though it did not
seem to be out.  Still no compression on any of the cylinders.
     Basically, I don't have a clue here.  If anyone can provide some help it
would be greatly appreciated.