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Re: Needed 4000csq parts

> Hi guys, I need the headlight switch and plug with enough wiring to
> solder it in for my 1986 4000cs quattro.  Any luck for me?

Don't we all?  Before you get a new one... put relays on your
headlights.  At least the high beams.  When you flash to pass, all four
high beam filaments are powered through the parking light circuit.  This
causes a gradual meltdown of the switch, the switch socket and the fuse
box connection.

BTW, I just priced a new headlight switch (857 941 531 D) @ $43.40.  I
may try out our new "connection" in Albany.  The socket for the switch
doesn't show up with a part number on the CD at the dealer.  Next step,
get the part number off one and give it to the dealer...

PS If there are good used ones out there, someone wanna sell me the
second one?

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe