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Re: EGT Turbo Gauges,

glen powell wrote:
> > The sad point in EGT setup for our beloved cars is that the data that we
> > get is only academic. We can't easely readjust our fule and ignition
> > systemst to compensate for lean mixture. Yes some of us modify and
> > upgrade fule destributors and wormup regulators but we still don't get
> > accurate performance. I once saw 10V Turbo using MB 8 cylinder fule
> > destributor. It ran rich at idle. There is no win with CIS. Installing it
> > and learning to interprite info is good experence.
> I run an additional FI controller and a sixth injector. The system operates
> only when the boost is up and the CIS is running open-loop via the OEM
> WFO throttle switch. This system is very good at adding the additional
> fuel required for increased boost and is effective at keeping  both EGT
> and detonation mostly under control. Fuel enrichment is proportional to
> both boost level and RPM. The injector is mounted in a piece of 2 1/2"
> steel tubing between the IC and TB. The range of tunability is easily
> changed by  swapping in a larger/smaller injector.
> This type of system might or
> might not work as well with the more sophisticated EFI/ignition systems
> of more modern engines, but works great with the primitive USA-spec.
> ur-q systems. I've seen similar systems used on other ur-qs with equal
> success.
> This system is the Callaway/Miller-Woods MicroFueler and
> is presently used with a 268cc/min peak&hold Bosch injector, good for an
> additional  ~50HP potential. This system has absolutely no effect on idle or
> on all non-boost operation and this is a real plus for drivability and reliability
> and is highly tunable. I use the VDO EGT, Halmeter AF-30 mixture gauge and
> MSD knock sensor display system for tuning purposes. The MicroFueler
> system is no  longer available commercially, but,  I believe New Dimensions
> in CA has a newer and likely better system available.  ND: 408-980-1693
> -glen

This system is great and there are many others like it. More 
sophisticated ones however work as  small standalone EFI and have great 
adjustability potential. This however is beyond what most people will 
bother or have ability to do. Bottom line is however that even people who 
race Audi (and finde time for tuning) finde it easier to abandon CIS than 
to work with it. 
 Mike Z