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Re: 4ks vac line question

Roger Albert wrote:
> Hi all,
> So, a small problem has come up.  The Bentley shows the tuning setup
> (adjusting mixture/idle/air/dutycycle etc) requiring some line (which
> is hard to identify in the picture) being pinched off, and a vac cap
> taken off of a T connector over near the large rubber airboot.
> As it turns out, my car doesn't have any such T connector.  Anyone else
> have the same issue, and if so, know what line I should open up where to
> do the adjustment just right?  I do have a Y connector with one line
> going back to the tank and two others I don't recall at the moment, but
> it doesn't seem to be the same at the T.
> Any help on the T question, or maybe a verbal clarification as to what
> hose is supposed to be pinched, would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> regards
> roger
> '86 4ks
	The vacuum hose that you are speaking of is the charcol canister hose
and I have personally tuned many of theese cars and never disconnected
this hose for tune up procedures.I have done checks of my adjustments
with it disconnected and connected and found no significant difference
with the adjustment.Now before everyone YELLS at me for describing an un
autherised procedure this only should be done when you are not having
any unusual problems.