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Re: Seats for Ur quattro

Ian J Haseltine wrote:
> I made a short trip into the underpinnings of my drivers seat today in a
> vain attempt to repair the seat heater and discovered just how badly the
> foam of the cushions is breaking down even after less than 90k miles.
> Because of the general poor condition of cloth on the two front seats I have
> been looking for a leather set for some time, but now I figure that any set
> that I find is going to have foam in much the same state as mine so I'm
> thinking about some aftermarket ones and having the rears recovered to
> match. Before anyone tries nailing me to a tree for heresy, the Sport had
> Recaro's didn't it?  Anyone got any opinions/BTDT advice?
> Jim Haseltine
> 88 Ur quattro

I had my leather drivers seat restored for $300US. It turned out great.
Recaro and Cobra make grat seats. Custom mounting bracket is required.
Slider can be purchased but tilt adjustability is a problem. Here in the 
US we have several shops that supply custom brackets. Deemon Tweeks sells 
them also.
Mike Z