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200 series fuelpumpR&R

Read your tutorial of 11-29-97 re the above and attempted to remove the
pump on my90 200 today because of worrisome noise from the tank pump which
I sought to fix by either replacing the pump,(I purchased a new one), or
cutting tne screen off the old one if gookey looking, or cleaning the
screen and 
removing the tank and having it cleaned.
Your posting was encouraging, but my efforts  left me reeling
in toxic ennui, and despite several hours with a mask and struggling to
lift the fuel sender assembly up high enough to
remove the hose, it was VERY taught making the task of loosening the hose
clamp for the return line? difficult.  I also was afraid that given the
lack of  slack hose length
to work with I might have an even more difficult time re attaching  the
hose or having enough slack to get my hand down to the pump to bring it up.
 Given my diminishing  ability to think clearly with the gas fumes  in this
coffin like enclosure magnified by my cramped fetal position
for several hours, enhanced by my near loss of the large o ring into the
bowels  of the tank, I decided to abort the
procedure and post for some help. Any ideas ?Mike.. TIA