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Re: Audi or should I say idua A6 review

On Sun, 21 Dec 1997, Matt & Jenai wrote:

> Check out http://www.chicago.tribune.com/autos/news/mateja/cartalk/9712210027.htm
> This is what greeted me in this morning's paper.  Not only is it a bad review of the car, it is just a bad review.  Small rear view mirrors and placement of storage compartments - give me a break.  Having said that, it does seem a universal gripe that the car is underpowered and boring to drive.  Frankly, I would never shell out big bucks for any European car unless it was a blast to drive.  Lexus and Infiniti and Acura are much more reliable and now are even getting fast.
> Just my .02
> Matthew Pfeffer


Thanks for taking the time to post the Trib review.  First section of the
Sunday Trib for me is the Transportation section.  

I do find Mateja's comment about the small outside mirrors quite
appropriate.  I really do want to see what is around me from all sides and
quarters.  If those mirrors are undersized for aestheritc reasons then
Audi has provided a car that is less safe than it otherwise could be.

What really caught my eye was the $41,000 price of that beast.  Quattro,
upgraded sound system, winter pakg, summer/solar pkg and other things.  As
the reviewer said--for $41k it puts the car into the E-series range, and
while it is a nice car it is not an E-series.

Kind of makes me wonder what the S4 will get ticketed at when it gets
here.  The one that Automobile magazine tested in Germany had a $50,000
sticker on it.  ouch!

Bill Murin
'89 100q