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Re: Steering lock removal - '91 Audi 100

Thanks for taking the trouble to look in your Bentley for me, Fred.
Had visions of having to remove entire dashboard, but it's *just* possible
to get a 3mm drill bit at the housing using a chuck on a flexible shaft -
darned difficult to measure / mark  the hole location with any precision,
though. More by good luck than anything to do with my ad hoc measuring
techniques, the hole was in near enough the right place and out the little
devil popped. Audi Gods are being merciful unto me today.

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year, to you Fred
and to all on the List.


Cumbria, UK.

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Date: 21 December 1997 14:02
Subject: Re: Steering lock removal - '91 Audi 100

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>Date: Sunday, December 21, 1997 7:59 AM
>Subject: Steering lock removal - '91 Audi 100
>>If anyone could just have a look in their Bentley manual to see whether it
>>gives the dimensions for determining the drilling point on the lock
>>which requires a hole drilled in order to release the lock barrel pin, I
>>would be very grateful. My Haynes manual only gives the dimensions for
>>models - these are 0.5 inch down from the top edge (key end) of the
>>casting and 0.3 inch above an imaginary  line drawn down the cylinder
>>joins the large supporting web where the housing casting forms the right
>>angle with the lock  plunger housing - that would be at about 280 degrees
>>round the circumference of the lock barrel as one faces it in situ. Hard
>>describe in words !
>>*Please* could someone have a quick look for me, as I suspect this newer
>>model may have a modified lock and don't want to have a lock housing like
>    Just took a quick look at my 100,200 Bentley. Dimensions shown are 8mm
>from the imaginary line drawn from the web (to the right of the web if you
>are facing the key end) and 12.5 mm from the top edge (key end ) of the
>housing ( the top edge being the point where the tapered cone from the face
>of the lock barrel ends). Hole size is 3 mm.
>    It sounds like the same dimensions you have; sorry I can't cross
>reference - my 1985-1988 Bentley is in the attic.
>Merry Christmas!
>Fred Munro