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synthoil blends

Somewhere in the middle of the synthoil/car warming 
thread, someone wrote:

> >> >>
> >> >> At 06:23 PM 12/17/97 -0500, you wrote:
> >> >> >This talk of oil and warming up the engine brought up a question I had.
> >> >> >My car has been dealer serviced all its life, but now that the free
> >> >> >service has expired I'm going to go ahead and do some stuff myself,
> such
> >> >> >as changing the oil.  Now being a poor college student I can't really
> >> >> >afford synthetic oil, but I wanted to try some synthetic blend.  Less
> >> >> >expensive than full synthetic, but (at least I think) at least a little
> >> >> >better than regular dino oil in the cold.  The thing that prompted
> me to
> >> >> >even think about this was the *horrible* valve racket the V6 make

Those blends always make me wonder how much synthetic they need to put 
in there.  Is it like "10% real fruit juice", but it costs as much as
real fruit juice"?

If I was trying to save money, but yield some of the "benefits" of
oil, I would put a few bottles of conventional, and top off with a
however-many-you-want bottles of synth.  That way you know how much
is in there.