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The bugger's still broke.

>> starter would turn the engine, but there was no compression.

>Did it spin very fast?

Just like there were no plugs in place.

>There is either a hole in all the pistons, 

no holes visible

>at least one valve stuck open in all the cylinders 

all valves appear to be moving properly

>or simply no spark plugs.

There were plugs until I took them out.

>Are you sure there is absolutely 0 psi in all the cylinders?
>Did you use a gauge to check?

Yep and yep.

>Recheck the timing belt position.  

Did that twice.

>Could the engine be flooded?

Not after two days.

>Check for gas smell in the oil.  

Checked this on advice from my Audi mech in Nashville.

>BTW you never mentioned the kind of car you were driving. 

‘87 5KCSTQ, didn’t post originally because I figured this was some sort of
generic thing
I’d not seen before.  Two other posts indicate “overinflated” cam followers
could be at

>Martin Pajak

Ron Wood and Phil Payne (who is, I believe, one of the patron saints of Audi-
dom; if he’s
not we probably should nominate him) sent a note re: over-oiling of the
followers.  Phil
also offered a possible solution.  Followed his advice, but still no go.

I am not looking forward to pulling either the cam or the head.  But, if it
comes to it, I do
know how.  Any other suggestions appreciated.


Confused in Bucksnort.
(Hey look everyone, a sig line!!!)