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Clutch MC/ EGTs

Quick question,

Just to confirm a suspision.   A clutch pedal in an'88 5ktq that doesn't
return all the way, needs to be pulled up by foot and gets worse as it's
driven is the sing of a bad clutch MC right?  

When it does have the full travel for a minute it works fine. 

So MC or slave?


I've had an EGT gauge on the Xr for years.  At first after the turbo in the
downpipe.  Later in life before the turbo in the EM.

Much more variation in EGT numbers BEFORE the turbo.  Every change in
throttle position can mean a change in temp.  Not what I got when it was
after the turbo.

FWIW the 2.3 turbo in the  Xr runs at:

Closed loop under 3000rpm cruise on the hiway  @1300F.  Small throttle
opening.  A/F governed by O2 sensor

Open loop hiway cruise at @80mph  1300-1400F    Again very small throttle
openings and A/F now governed by the ecu map.

Full throttle full boost (16psi for now)  1400-1500F.

The reason I state open and closed loop is the EEC-IV in my Xr goes from
closed to open anytime 3000rpm is passed.  Below 3000rpm my Halmeter a/f
meter shows a cycling O2 signal.  Pass 3000rpm and it will run steady in
the low end of the "green" rich zone. Or higher in the zone as rpms and
throttle dictate.   At full throttle it runs @ 11.5:1 a/f ratio.

For those with a Halmeter full throttle full boost has about all the green
bars lite but the last 2 or 3.  Safely rich.


Please confirm my clutch suspisions.  Thanks