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BRUCE wrote:
> I have traded e-mails with Graydon some time ago regarding his fuel system.  Sounds perfect.
> CIS though, may not need to be thrown out.  Didn't the Audi rally cars use it?
> One guy you need to speak with regarding upgrades for the Audi CIS is George Baxter.
> George gets several hp from his UrQ, and
> it has the CIS.  Eric is running George's fuel mod,
> and I will be soon.  Not a big buck solution,
> but talk to him about the details.
> Oh, on the LandCruiser thread?  These things are slow [unless modified] and the old ones can have some rust.
> But to the gent proposing a Jeep 4.0 liter in place of
> the Cruiser?  If you want to stay on the highway,
> get the jeep.  If you want to go wherever you want,
> whenever you want, buy the 'cruiser.  There is a
> reason why the UN and other legions use the
> 'cruiser [I think they do have the turbo-diesel though
> --so can you for about $15k:)].  Anyway, enough of that.
> Bruce

No Audi rally cars don't use CIS. Audi (Lehmann) built rally engines use
Motronic EFI that runs with two injectors per cylinder and potetiometer
for throttle position. There is no air flow meter either. MAP sensor is used.
John Buffum built an early Quattro coupe rally car long time ago 
that currently belongs to his neighbor. This car runs on 
CIS but it does not have that much HP ( I think under 300HP) 
Bruno's last engine was a current 20v with  vintage Audi Motorsport EFI.
It was built and tuned for him by Heinz Lehman for use in his new rally 
car that never ran Main Winter rally as was planned earlier.
Rui Brosill sussessfuly uses Motech as I have been told by the company 
in CA that sold it to him. Dialynx is attempting to use Autotronics.
All others I know use Halltech. All the rest of us entry level participants
that run Audi use CIS. Problem with CIS in rally cars is that if any of the 
lines that run metered air are damaged the car stops. With EFI that uses
no air flow meter it will still run. At my first winter rally experience
several years ago Ivan Orisek broke a hose between turbo and intercooler.
He still finished because he had EFI. 
John Kemp and Sylvester Stepnevsky also run CIS. Both are competitive.
Sprongl uses Audi Motorsport Motronic.
I think I remembered all top runners in the Pro Rally.