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Re: Synth blends [Was: Re: Warming up engine]

James Marriott wrote:

> Avi wrote:
> >
> > John,
> >  Most synthetic oil will flow either way John, the cold part and the hot
> > part, Kapish......,
> > go dig up some old information published (by Mobil)
> > that will tell you that this API test IS NOT APPLICABLE to synthetic oil,
> > and that is why the early Mobil 1 oil was a single weight.
> Huh? The test isn't applicable to synthetic oil? OK, whatever. It
> matters not, though, because until ~1992, M1 wasn't 100% synthetic.

Mobil-1 was 85% PAO and 10 to 15%  poylol ester. It was the additive package
that was not synthetic.

> Also, somehow Amsoil managed to get the first API certification of a
> 100% synthetic in about 1975. Did they cheat?

It didn't matter if it was 100% synthetic or not. It just had to pass the
test.The other is a matter for the FTC.

> > Now, why in the hell you need a multi viscosity rating if the 30W oil STILL
> > flows at 0F?...........here is the answer, because people are used to the
> > multi  viscosity rating so, that is what you have to sell..........directly
> > from Mobil engineer visiting our CFR (corporate fuel
> > research)facility...................
> With all due respect, tell me with a straight face that you'd move back
> to Wisconsin and use 30 weight petro oil in the winter. This synth
> bashing is getting a little tiresome. M1 10W-30 has a pour point of -55
> dF. The 10W-30 I use has a pour point of -75 dF. Is this an advantage?
> If it means the oil pumps quicker on startup to the engine in my race
> car/boat towing/cross-country trip taking/161k 1987 4000CS quattro, YOU
> BET! If regular 10W-30 petroleum oil has a pour point (guessing here) of
> -35 dF, do M1 and my oil have an advantage? It seems pretty clear from
> here . . .
> BTW, my engine seems immune to the leakdown stuff yours suffers from.
> Even at 161k original, I can start up at 0 dF with nary a tick from a
> bearing or a lifter. I guess Audi, who requires synth in gearboxes and
> is compelled to pay for it during "Advantage" service is just wasting a
> little of Ferdinand's pocket change. The synth bashing is getting a
> little tiresome.
> > OK, I feel better now.....
> >
> > Avi
> > NO need to update me about Mobil 1 changing their formula, it is applicable
> > to my statement above
> Based on the fact that it wasn't 100% synthetic, I'm skeptical.
> My unsubbed-for-holiday-travel-as-of-NOW 3 pfennings,
> James

1990 CQ