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Re: 1990 80 quattro problems

At 12:26 PM 12/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Just bought a 1990 80 quattro! Yeah! I've had it about 5 days and love it,
>but I have a few questions (yes, I have ordered the Bentleys, it's just not
>in yet):
>1) Coolant Gauge - seems to work fine whenever started cold, makes it up
>past the close together hash marks and then just drifts back down. I've
>een following the broken thermostat thread, could that be it? Is so, where
>is it located?

Classic problem.  It's the coolant temp sensor, located right, top side of
engine towards front where the upper radiator hose goes into the block.
Costs around $50 to replace.  Clean connector plug while you're at it; your
old one probably leaked coolant into it.

>2) Alarm - doesn't work. Have no idea where to start looking

Most factory alarm problems are problems with the activation at the
driver's door, but I would need more info to help.  Get Bentley.

>3) Lighted Switches - Do all switches have lights? If yes, do I need to get
>new switches or new bulbs?

Switches have lights.  You can replace bulbs yourself, but the dealer only
sells the switches.  Depends on how mechanically/electrically skilled you
are, or how cheap you want to be.  One thing you'll notice w/new switches -
the lights will be brighter (because your old ones have gotten dim).

>4) Fog lights - Do they really only work when the headlights are on? That
>doesn't make sense to me?????

'88/'89 80/90Q fog lights worked independently.  Audi changed it in 1990.

>5) Slight drop in idle - Of about 100-150 rpm and then pops right back up,
>is consistent whether warm or cold??

Probably needs new O2 sensor, or ISV needs to be cleaned out.  I'd do both.

>and finally,
>6) Slight hesitation when accelerating - around 3000 rpm. Also seems to
>happen when just cruising along at highway speeds. Any ideas?

Sounds like O2 sensor again, or vacuum leak somewhere (check ISV hoses and
hose from sump to top of engine).

>Sorry for the extended use of bandwidth, going to have time this weekend
>and want to get as much done as I can while the weather is still fall-like.

Good luck......SLM

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