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On Sun, 21 Dec 1997, Mike Zamikhovsky wrote:

> Motronic EFI that runs with two injectors per cylinder and potetiometer

I can see that.   I use injectors that are very big, yet I am still under 
300hp, so I tihnk higher hp apps would probably require multiple 
injectors (cheap route) or special injectors (big bux route)

> for throttle position. There is no air flow meter either. MAP sensor is used.


> All others I know use Halltech. All the rest of us entry level participants

Not me.   I use FMS.   I've never _used_ Haltech, but I've looked at 
their software - its pretty crude.

> that run Audi use CIS. Problem with CIS in rally cars is that if any of the 
> lines that run metered air are damaged the car stops. With EFI that uses
> no air flow meter it will still run. At my first winter rally experience

This is what urks me about the CIS - it has too many things that can go 
wrong.   Regarding your second point, my car will run just fine with a 
hole in the intercooler hose!!!  That's a nice byproduct of EFI.

Graydon D. Stuckey 
New cool .sig file in the works...