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Foliatec film

Hello, club.

I thought some of you might find this useful.

Mike Zamikhovsky has kindly bought some Foliatech products from Demon
Tweeks at my request during his recent trip to the UK. Here are the
results of application of said products.

1. Foliatec Clear Film for the leading edge of the hood. Comes as a
17x150cm strip. Protects the edge of the hood against stone chips.
I cut the strip in two equal halves, 8.5cm wide each. Applied one to the
hood of the 200. The result is nothing short of amazing. If applied
properly, it totally blends in and becomes almost invisible. Sure beats
an ugly nose bra. Just be very careful, folks. The job requires at least
4 hands, a heat gun and a lot of patience.
The second half of the strip will go on the hood of the A4, while the
paint is still new.

2. Foliatech Carbon Fibre Film for just about any decorative job. Comes
as a sheet of 50x50cm. I applied it to the black B-pillar covers (mine
were severely battered by weather. The result is also nothing short of
amazing. I wish this film existed in '94 when I painstakingly covered
all wooden inlays with grey marble vinyl. Anyone with the fogged wooden
inlays in their 200/V8/S4 -- take a note, it works very_well yielding a
look of a '93 S4. BTW, the S-Class has this faux Carbon Fibre B-pillars
as the OEM.
Foliatec is sold here by Ultra Performance (Feb '98 issue of EC, page
145), so at least this item does not have to be ordered from the UK.

A while ago I used a similar British product, marketed in the US by Tora
Sport. While the Tora Sport Carbon Fibre film is a close imitation of
the Real Mackoy, the Foliatec is a_very_close_imitation of one (I
compare it to the real Carbon Fibre air shroud on Mike Zamikhovsky'
rally Toyota Alltrac).

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ -- 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ -- on an 18-wheeler
Philadelphia, PA