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Re: Tribune review

Michael Sheridan Williams stated as follows:
>I have driven several different cars, and in the real world, be it on
>icy, snowy, slick, wet or even dry roads, i would take my little 4kQ over
>almost any of them...I vote for quattro shining in all conditions...
Where I'm from a local sports radio station uses the phrase "drinking ____
kool-aid" as in "you're drinking Cub's kool-aid" to describe fans who have
overly optimistic/unrealistic views of their home team.  You Michael are
clearly drinking Audi Kool-Aid :-).  Again I love my quattro, but a
well-balanced rear wheel drive car handles better on anything approaching
dry pavement.  What cars you are comparing your 4KQ to?

I think this thread has been discussed before.  IMHO the quattro system
operates as something of a band-aid on most of the Audis.  In other words,
it makes the cars more secure and stable up to a certain point (particularly
given the 60/40 balance on the type 44 bodies).  Quattro does not entirely
make up for low power and weight shifting which many of our cars suffer

Although I certainly haven't driven every car out there, the proof I can
offer is what I have witnessed at two Qclub events this past year.  At
Grattan and Blackhawk (different types of tracks) Brad Claudfelter's
(Spelling?) stock M3 (except for some brake modifications?) ran circles
around very, very highly modified 5KTQs and modified S4s and S6s (driven by
instructors).  At Grattan he chased the Anderson Bros. Ur-Q around the
track.  That Ur-Q is highly modified.  The M3 is fast because it has a 50/50
distribution, decent power and good brakes.

Matt Pfeffer
89 200 TQW - Stage II