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RE: CIS fuel system for racing

Thanks for all your encouraging comments.

Just a coupe of quick notes regarding what Bruce wrote:
"Didn't the Audi rally cars use it?"  "CIS"

A few years ago I traded some stuff to John Buffum for a spare Heinz
Lehmann rally computer that he ran in one of his later ur quattro ten
valve cars.

Guess what?  I was a MAC 11B box with a special chip!!!

This box did not control boost nor did it monitor knocking, nor oxygen,
nor much of anything.  Not many stock wires were used either.  It was a
GO box but, it was CIS!  The CIS fuel distributor was a special unit and
when still available cost about $2,200.

For those who may not have seen it, this was the car that had two
computers where the glove box was located.  The timing on one computer
was about 6 degrees hotter than the other.  The drivers could move the
harness from one to the other as needed.
Yes, racing fuel was needed.  One member of the list comented on this
type being under 300 hp.  I also believe that to be correct!

I also have the first Audi rally car that John Buffum campaigned.  It is
only 2 wheel drive, and still has the original sticker in the window
that says:

                  All I want for Christmas is a Quattro

You can read about this car is John's book.  This car had a variant of a
CIS by Pierberg (spelling on this doesn't look right), but anyway  I
made the mistake of taking one apart, and it's still not back together.
It uses temperature and throttle position to meter fuel by a hand carved
3-D cam that rotated and moved back and forth.  Its shape was like a
modern day 3-D graphed fuel map in a chip.

The rally cars that followed were also Pierberg.  Later somewhere in the
evolution there was Bosch Motronic Racing with one injector & later 2

The S1 evolution car serial number 001 that ran in the Olympus here was
Motronic with 3 injectors per hole 2 for fuel and a 3rd injector for
water/alcohol!  The third injector wires were disconnected as they
determined in testing here that it was not needed.  At the Washington
State Patrol driver's training academy special stage it did wheelies in
1st & 2nd when starting on the paved track.

In conclusion Audi's racing computers evolved with technology.

Another note:  The Puogeot 205 16T rally car used CIS

The quick notes just got carried away.